In 2013 a chance meeting with a friend of a friend of a friend, one - John Jones - a.k.a. RAK 47 (RAK 47 meaning Random Acts of Kaos 4 times a day 7 days a week. Ya I know, frikking rappers and their names!) lead to a few late night studio jams. The very first night they got together in Sober Sucks Studios, The Alien hit play on his drum machine and then hit stop at a total random moment and then recorded a bass track. RAK 47 went to work and spit such delicious rhymes that the Alien was transfixed and in an hour the very first track was done without an edit. Talk about freaky moments! In a month they had compiled 5 amazing tunes that mixed rap, old school hip-hop with rock and metal and electronica and thrown it all into a very dirty messy kitchen sink... Raw, mostly un-edited with very few overdubs what you hear is what you get. To add a hint of beauty and calmness to the total chaos - Kristine Rommel was brought in to sweeten the mess with her beautiful vocals. Of course The Alien then went and aurally screwed with her tracks just to keep it all haunting, dirty and messy... We hope you enjoy this strange collaboration!!!