1. Drunk
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John Lennon meets the Foo Fighters and they go to an AA Meeting... The 4th track from the 2nd CrimsonFaced CD, "Lunatic Binge."


I'm sitting with an empty glass of red wine that I drank too fast
And no one's seems to give a fuck, have I finally givin' up,
All those pretty thoughts of me and how it was all meant to be
Are shattered and abused by now, were they important anyhow
What made me think I was special, what made me think I was cool
I never really wrote that song, that everyone has to sing along
And I'll die broke and won't be missed by anyone but those I've kissed
I'll never ever be John Lennon, I won't ever even be missed
I will never even be missed...

Why do I breath and just tell me what my purpose is
Tell me that this life is Bliss
I so want peace and I need a reason to exist need a reason to be fixed

Damn - I'm Drunk

Everything I've ever done and everything I've ever sung
Has never really made much sense my outcome is my evidence
But I don't give a fuck it seems I'll live inside my shattered dreams that
I will never give up on - Until the day I die I'll be
here in your heart and then here inside your soul as you begin to mold your own
Dreams and own wishes that you will guard like diamonds - expensive and important
Never to be explained
never to be revealed
Don't let them take it away
You're your own ISLAND!