1. Pretty People
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Marilyn Manson meets Nine Inch Nails and they go on a killing spree... The opening track from the 2nd CrimsonFaced CD, "Lunatic Binge."


Well here's a message for u pretty people
Your plastic act is really wearing thin
I’m tired of watchin’ all u pretty people
Dancin’ around and clownin’ around and gettin’ paid
I hope the way in which you judge us uglies
Will someday even out and make some sense
It's weird the way we worship pretty people
It's wearin’ me out its tirin’ me out now go away

So all you f'ed pretty people, take your cash and go
So all u drugged up pretty people, keep doin’ your blow
It’s all in who you know and who you f'ing blow!

Your golden palaces and gated doorways
They help to keep us f'n losers out
I hope your shielded screwed up lives are painless
Don't ever bother knowin’ anything of relevance....
But here's the kicker all you pretty people
I wish my life was half as good as yours...
I hate the fact that I’m not pretty people
It's drivin’ me mad I’m half in the bag it's such a drag

Such a pretty day
Such a pretty life you lead and
Such a pretty face that seems to hide
Such an empty soul