1. Sublime
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John Lennon meets the Foo Fighters and they take Ecstasy... The 2nd track from the 2nd CrimsonFaced CD, "Lunatic Binge."


Staring out my window gazing as the summer sun begins to dim again
Sullen, fucked up thoughts invading every night I am debating, what, where, why and when
Don't ever release me I've got problems, threatening my weary, jaded mind
I need your beauty and your being
Your talent and your vision so sublime

Puzzled by decisions I've made, wrestling with ghosts that haunt my every move
Pondering existence as my body starts to shiver I feel so god damn removed
Shrugging off burdens I should have buried
Maybe light can finally start to shine
I see your face hear in the darkness
Maybe peace will finally be mine

Lost in a haze of self hatred that has shadowed a lifetime
I'm in a daze of confusion that seems to always destroy me
Will you transform all these demons into something of beauty - you
You touch me and I feel sane
You touch me and I feel sane

You are so you are so sublime