1. Ocean Beach
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Green Day meet Blink 182 and Steve Vai and go for a walk on the beach... 5th track off the 2nd CrimsonFaced CD, "Lunatic Binge."


Gonna meet ya down on Ocean Beach
I wanna walk out in the sun
All my dreams here seem just out of reach
But it's just such God Damn FUN!

Down on Ocean beach
Oh man I know you wanna
Meet all our sons and daughters
It get's a lil crazy - Man I know you wanna be here

Down on Ocean Beach
It gets a lil tragic
But man I feel the magic
You know you wanna be here man I'm never gonna leave it

Another day and I feel incomplete
No matter what I do I stall
But fuck it baby I'm out on the beach
No matter what we'll have a ball

Come on down and meet our town we'll share it's story in all it's glory
Feel it's passion taste it's fashion man I'm never gonna leave here
Another day another dream that finds it's way to the silver screen
Sometime's you just have to scream
I'm gonna meet ya down on Ocean Beach!