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Track 4 from the Bliss(This) CD, "Chasing the Mad Rabbit."


There was Once Upon A Time
There was you and there was me -
and that's all we needed
That was such a simple time -
it was so simple
We took the water and we
turned it into wine
There was nothing there to stop us
And nothing gettin' in our way
If life could lay down beside us
It'd read the book of the future and say -
You're gonna be OK...

But now I can't stop you from hurting
Now the pain just burns down deep inside
It seems your love is undecided
Choose from me oh
the pleasure and the pain
And darling all that's left is to say goodbye
I got no strength to fight
It seems the world is against us
But can make it right...

It was so much easier then
You never had to tell any lies
Never gave me shit for just being me
You never hide behind your alibis
It was so much easier then
Can we even remain friends
Don't think it's worth fighting for
Just show me the door
and you'll never see me no more...

There was Once Upon A Time
There was you and there was me
And that's all we needed
Darling now are we even tryin'
You know we just don't just get along
Honey you were always lyin'
And me I had to write this song
the time is right to say goodbye now
I'll never take your pain away
I know we'll both make it alone somehow
And now there's nothing more to say


You'll never see me no more
You'll never see no more...