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  1. Make Me Pure
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Korn meets Pink Floyd and they drop acid at a heavy metal convention. 11th tune from the second CrimsonFaced CD, "Lunatic Binge."


You can't talk to a liar cuz they're bored with lies
I mean every word
Yet I don't mean a single one of them
Oh Lord Make Me Pure!

Well I don't have to try I know I know I've sinned
I got a ton of selfish needs
Their stupid genes and lazy bones beneath my skin
Oh Lord Make Me Pure

I stopped praying so I hope this song will do
I wrote it all, I wrote this all down for you
I'm not perfect, but you don't mind that do you
I know you're there to pull me right the fuck through
Aren't you, aren't you???
Oh Lord Make Me Pure..
Oh God Make Me Pure...