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The Beatles meet the Foo Fighters and they skip down the Yellow Brick Road... The 8th tune from the 2nd CrimsonFaced CD, "Lunatic Binge."


I sail along tryin' hard to figure out
What went wrong, all those lonely times when I
Wasn't strong. I wrapped myself up in pity and drank
All nite long, comatose I ended up...

I will be you for life until the day I die
I promise I will try - to save you from yourself...

Pray with me, we'll mumble words of wisdom and
Hope that we, overcome this cynicism
We'll move along, we'll chart these deadly waters and
Write our song, I hope it ends up beautiful...

I will stand here by your side, decipher wrong form right
I guide us to the light, and save me from myself...

I promise I will save us baby...