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The Beatles meet the Foo Fighters and they attend meditation classes... 12th track from the 2nd CrimsonFaced CD, "Lunatic Binge."


One Life - One Love
I dedicate it thru a paper cup
I know I'm gone
This feeling haunts me when I don't shut up
I'm creeped out - I'm shut in
I'm whispering softly so you can't hear it
I'm one soul - one pain
Sending poetry to end this rain

I'm lying and I can't shut up
I'm tryin but I won't give up
I'm dyin and I won't let up
I'm cryin but I'll never give up

One heart - one mind
Tryin to latch on to a love divine
Two hearts - beat strong
When selfless love becomes there only crime
I reach out from within
To claim a territory I deserve
I hold one to hard
Tryin to keep a faith I can't preserve

Look at all the desperate people finding life is too damn cold
Look at all the selfish people only waiting to be sold
Look at all the lonely people seeking love outside of them
Look at all the crazy people - Doing the same things again and again...