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  1. Silent Scream
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Track 13 from the Bliss(This) CD, "Chasing the Mad Rabbit."


You, You keep hiding and you
Won't come out in the daylight
You, You keep prayin
That the skies will fill up with rain
I keep tryin, I keep lyin, I keep dyin alone
You, You keep runnin
Like you got nobody at home

It's just another day of sorrow
It's just another silent scream
It's just a heartache
Followed by a heartbreak
You keep lookin up to the sun
Life is so obscene

You, You keep dreamin that the
Day will follow the darkness
You, You keep hopin that
Someone will fill up your soul
You keep sayin, You keep prayin
You keep layin alone
You, You keep tryin
But the lonely follow you home

It's just another hollow day
Another night time empty
It's just another hour of pain
It's just another prayer
Unanswered so you swear
You'll never show no faith no more...