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  1. Wrecked
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Track 2 from the Bliss(This) CD, "Chasing the Mad Rabbit."


Stand back, there's an overload
Swimmin' through my mind's eye
I need a little drink to make it through this night
As darkness begins to soothe my eyesight
There's a landmine in my head
And it's ready to explode
I can't help but think about suicide
But I'm so weak I can't repeat the thought

I'm standing in the shadows
As the light is going dim
Watching the assassin as he's slowly moving in
And I will never try to ever fly this high again...

Do unto others as they do unto you
Now why don't you play fair
I'm just waiting for the flick of the switch
As I'm sitting in this electric chair
I sink a drink now maybe once again
Trying to blow my mind I'm
never gonna learn cuz the hardest part
Is tryin to stay sober when the lights go out

Stand back there's an overload!