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  1. Sex Song
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Linkin Park meet Nine Inch Nails and they make a porno... 4th track off the 1st CrimsonFaced CD, "Captain Freak."


You love the way it feels when my head's made its home between your thighs
You arch your back and get relaxed and start to scream out my name and more
It's make me feel like God like I have all this power over you
It makes me feel so much a man I can not wait to be inside

You love it when we leave the lights on
You watch me do my thing
The mirrors all around reveal a love deranged
I love to touch your aching body - set it all on fire
I can not wait to be inside

Your fertile ground, sexual sound, lust all around
I love to go down on you
and make you moan, erotic zone, got such a bone
And it's aching just for you

I love the way it feels when your mouth goes wherever the hell it wants
That warm wet spot makes me a rock oh how my cock is your best friend
I tear the sheets up tear your hair out I'm a slave to desire
We roll around embrace the sound and build a sexual fire

I love it when we leave the lights on
I watch you do your thing
You never fail to amaze - we break the law again
I love the firmness of your body
And god it makes me hard - for you I would do anything

I love your tongue, I love your eyes, I love your mouth
Won't you go down on me
I love to taste your special you make me come
Again and Again and Again!

We love it when we leave the light's on
We're putting this on film
And later on we'll watch all the moves we made
Next time we'll try another motion
To get us off once more - I've never had some much SICK FUN...